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CryptoPeso® (PHPc) started as a stablecoin backed up by Philippine Peso (PHP) that was designed to solve some of the major problems surrounding the use of fiat and volatile cryptocurrencies. CryptoPeso then evolved into a unique concept as a peer-to-peer payment solution for small businesses and unbanked individuals. 


CryptoPeso is under continuous development with a purpose of attracting venture capitalists and investors to finance our ongoing projects.  

CryptoPeso® Mobile is more than just a token wallet and payment app. It's an all in one business productivity platform.


The real world uses of tokenized assets are limitless. From enhanced security to decentralization of processes, almost every facet of the entire global industries have a specific application that crypto assets can be a viable solution for a particular problem, which was not previously possible. 


Peer to Peer DeFi Remittance Platform


Real Estate, Auto, Luxury Marketplace


Web and Mobile Storefront for CryptoPeso Merchants


Exclusive Ecofarm Community Project


Secured Cryptocurrency Buy and Sell Platform



Blockchain-based Fraud-free Voting System


Digital Identification System on the Blockchain


Donation Central and Charity Platform


Our Indigen Blockchain project has been featured in the following media and publications.


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We are continually enhancing our mobile app for Android and continually adding new tools and various features to help our merchants and users become more productive while they use our app on a daily basis - either for business or personal purposes.


HelpDrive™ Donation Central and Charity Platform empowers charity organizations and foundations to simplify their fund raising campaign through our very simple to use donation management system on CryptoPeso Mobile where any or all of our registered users may contribute any amount to their charity or cause.





Our Loyalty Points System enables business or store owners launch their very own Customer Loyalty Program instantly without the high cost of setting up one. 



CryptoMarket is a venue for CryptoPeso Affiliates with activated wallets to buy and sell popular crypto assets with each other in a safe and secured environment without the need to send your assets to us or any third-party wallet. CryptoMarket is NOT a Cryptocurrency Exchange. It only works like a simple trading platform where buyers and sellers transact directly with each other. If you are familiar with LocalBitcoins, then you already have an idea what CryptoMarket is.




A  C O M M U N I T Y   P R O J E C T   O F

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“1 kilo of rice, for 1 family, every single day”

CryptoPeso® is moving towards complete decentralization. No Founder or CEO, no corporate entity. All fiat to PHPc conversions, transfers, cash in and cash out will be handled by a community of Pera Paabot™ Certified and Trusted Initiators and Relayers.

Our Decentralization Project is a multi-stage process. We have now achieved the initial stage through elimination of a corporate entity which controls more than 50% of the entire platform processes. 


For concerns, suggestions and technical support, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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