We rely only on our growing number of users to get the word out there. That is why we reward them with various benefits and special privileges as an exclusive member of our community.


Membership By Invitation

Starting July 2020, membership to our community will no longer be open to all. You can only sign up if you have an inviter. If you don't have an inviter, you will have to look for one first before you will be able to register.

Joining is Free!

As a community member, you may enjoy some of the privileges right away the moment you sign up for a free account and download our mobile app. No purchase necessary. 


Free Daily Cash Rewards

Watch Google Rewarded Video ads using our mobile app every hour and earn ₱0.15 per completed video (or a potential income of ₱1.80 daily). Then run the app every 6 hours for another reward of ₱0.25! Every time you earn a reward, we will donate ₱0.05 under your name to our Charity Project. The more you earn, the more you give!  

As an Associate member, you can join for fun our daily raffle with varying prizes. Every time you watch a video ad and earn your reward, you will also get an e-ticket for the daily draw every midnight. Plus you can access Rewards Central where you can earn more free cash by answering rewarded surveys.

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Exclusive Associate Member Privileges

As an Associate Member of our community, below are some of the benefits and privileges you will enjoy (plus additional benefits in the future):

  • Access to various in-app productivity tools including:
    • Loyalty Points System so you can launch your very own Customer Loyalty Program instantly without the high cost of setting up one. No need for hardware and software; no need to hire developers; no need to maintain own servers.
    • Customer Management System to keep track, award and redeem Loyalty Points.
    • Money Manager for monitoring your cash flow while on the go.
    • Pera Paabot™ and more (see Projects section of this web site).
  • Daily Cash Rewards and Loyalty Points which you can convert to IDG tokens. This feature is only available on CryptoPeso Mobile for Android. 

  • 500 Indigen (IDG) tokens which you can use to pay for fees within the system, as product discounts, and more.

  • 0.170 Waves which you need to pay for transaction fees on the Waves blockchain, such as sending tokens to other wallets or converting PHPc to PHP. Each transaction incurs 0.001 Waves.

  • Ability to convert PHP to PHPc. And vice versa.
  • And a lot more...


Become an Associate member and maximize the perks and privileges of being part of our community.


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