We rely only on our growing number of users to get the word out there. That is why we reward them with a small token for doing so through our simple incentive program for users and merchants.

Free Daily Cash Rewards

Watch Google Rewarded Video ads using our mobile app every 2 hours and earn ₱0.15 per completed video (or a potential income of ₱1.80 daily). Then run the app every 6 hours for another reward of ₱0.25! Every time you earn a reward, we will donate ₱0.05 under your name to our Charity Project. The more you earn, the more you give!  

If you are an Active Affiliate, you will get almost twice the above rewards. And if you invite others to activate as well, you are entitled to ₱0.10 from their free daily rewards down to your level 2 active affiliates. If you are a free user, you can still earn ₱0.10 but only from all your personal invites when they earn their daily cash rewards. So the more free users you invite, the more earnings you will get even while you sleep. 

Activated wallets can join for fun our daily raffle with varying prizes. Every time you watch a video ad and earn your reward, you will also get an e-ticket for the daily draw every midnight. Plus you can access Rewards Central where you can earn free cash from answering rewarded surveys.

Google Play.png

Terms and Conditions: This promo works only on CryptoPeso® Mobile app for Android OS version 6 and higher, optimized for Android 9. Only one free account can log in per device. Multiple accounts logged in on a single device is subject for suspension. Note that if your internet is too slow to show Google Ads, or if you block Google Ads to be shown on the app, or if Google Play Services is not installed on your device, you will not also receive cash rewards. There is a minimum amount of 170 in order to cash out, but you can send any amount to pay someone else. Cash out fees apply. You may also use your free cash to buy eload on our upcoming eLoading feature.

Activate your wallet for more rewards!

Unlock all features in the app and earn additional cash rewards from your invited users (and their invites down to 5th level) for a one-time activation fee of ₱500 only. As an active Affiliate, you will earn additional cash rewards every time your referrals (and their referrals too) earn their free daily cash rewards. Plus every time you watch a video ad, not only you will earn free cash, you will also earn an e-ticket which is raffled every midnight for additional rewards. Don't forget to check out Rewards Central every hour for more free cash by answering surveys.

Cash Back.png

The ₱300 Cash Back Reward is now live for activated wallets, wherein for every 3 direct invites you make who activate their wallets, you will earn ₱300 cash back. This is on top of the ₱70 Builders bonus you will earn from each of them. So for just 3 invited users who activate their wallets, you will earn a total of ₱510. This way you can earn back faster the activation fee you paid when you activated your wallet. So hurry keep those invites coming! This is a limited time promo only.


We have launched Gift-a-Load feature that is powered by PayMaya. This feature is not a direct purchase of e-load (it won't happen real time), you will only be able to request to convert your cash to e-load once you accumulate at least ₱10 - ₱15 from your free daily rewards. So keep accumulating your free cash daily! 

CryptoPeso® Affiliate (CPA) and Merchant (CPM) Benefits

In order to become a CPA or CPM, there is a one-time Activation Fee of ₱500 or $10 which comes with:

  • Access to various in-app productivity tools including:
    • Loyalty Points System so you can launch your very own Customer Loyalty Program instantly without the high cost of setting up one. No need for hardware and software; no need to hire developers; no need to maintain own servers.
    • Customer Management System to keep track, award and redeem Loyalty Points.
    • Money Manager for monitoring your cash flow while on the go.
    • Pera Paabot™ and more (see Projects section of this web site).
  • Daily Cash Back Rewards lets you earn back your Activation Fee and more. You've got nothing to lose but can gain a lot! You can also get Loyalty Points which you can convert to IDG tokens. This feature is only available on CryptoPeso Mobile for Android. 

  • 500 Indigen (IDG) tokens which you can use to subscribe to our upcoming paid and advanced in-app productivity tools, for product discounts, and more. IDG is a tradable asset on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that can be traded with BTC. We are working hard to create demand and volume for IDG through our merchant acquisition projects, etc.

  • 0.170 Waves which you need to pay for transaction fees on the Waves blockchain, such as sending tokens to other wallets or converting PHPc to PHP. Each transaction incurs 0.001 Waves.

  • Ability to convert PHP to PHPc. However, you may convert PHPc to PHP even if you only have a free account (activation is not required) but you need 0.001 Waves on your wallet to do so.

BLoC Rewards Program

Our BLoC (Bring Loyal Customers) Rewards Program is very simple and straightforward because we don't want to complicate things for you on how you can get rewarded for helping introduce our product and services to your friends and relatives. There are three simple ways you can earn bonuses, but the most important thing you need to do first is activate your account by becoming a CryptoPeso Affiliate (CPA) or Merchant (CPM). Once you become a CPA or CPM, you are now entitled to the following rewards:

Builders Bonus (BB)

Get a one-time Builder Bonus of ₱70 for every new CPA you invite (those who activate their account). Also called your Level 1 CPAs. Non-CPA or free accounts may earn BB from their invites.

Leveraged Bonus (LB)

Receive Leveraged Bonus of ₱35 from each new CPA that are invited by those you invite (Level 2 CPAs) and another ₱25 / ₱10 (Level 3 / 4 to 7 CPAs) from those they also invite. Non-CPA or free accounts are not eligible to earn LB and it will compress to active CPAs up the line.

2-Up Infinity Bonus (2UP)

2-Up Level 1: Starting from your 3rd invite, 4th, 5th and so on, you will earn ₱25 from each of their first 2 invites, and their 1st 2 invites as well, and so on down to infinite level. The only requirement is your 1st 2 personal invites must also be activated.

2-Up Level 2: To earn this bonus, your 1st 2 personal invites should also have their own 1st 2 invites activated (total of 6 active affiliates). Once you reach this requirement, every time your 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on personal invites earn their 2-Up Level 1 bonus, you will also earn the same.

Daily Cash Back Rewards

All Affiliates with activated wallets can earn daily cash rewards by simply using the app on a daily basis. This gives you a chance to earn back your activation fee and even more. Cash rewards are spendable immediately (no holding period). You can also earn Loyalty Points which can be converted to IDG tokens once you accumulate the minimum of 100 points.  

UniLevel Program

Purchase Indigen products and be eligible to earn from product sales of all your affiliates. Visit Indigen Web Site for complete details of our products or download the mechanics of our Unilevel Program.


In 2019, we went on tour to Boracay and El Nido, Palawan. This year we plan to visit Leyte or Samar. Become an Affiliate now and get a chance to join us in our next adventure!

Tune in to our Facebook page for our ongoing and future promotional offers and make sure you don't miss out any of our exciting promos.

Higher Package, Higher Income Opportunity

We have released a higher Affiliate Package for those who are serious about building their Affiliate Network and want to achieve bigger income possibilities. The Director package comes with consumer products from Indigen, and also come with free shipping of products to any courier-reachable address in the Phlippines. Note that these bonuses will be deducted the Associate bonuses already paid from previous activation.

Director Package (Upgrade Fee: ₱4,500 from Associate)


Uprgading to Director Package will activate your PayChain UniMatrix and you will be auto-spilled in our 5x5 UniMatrix where each PayNode that comes after you in the tree will earn you ₱1,000 once you complete your 5 frontliners (Level 1 PayBlock). Similarly once all your downlines in the UniMatrix tree completes their Level 1 PayBlock with 5 PayNodes, you will again earn the same ₱1,000 down to Level 5. 5x5 means you can have maximum of 5 frontliners (Level 1) and the succeeding ones will be auto-spilled below you, and you can earn down to 5 Levels deep.

You can have unlimited number of personal PayNodes and in the UniMatrix and every one can reactivate all over again and earn the same potential income over and over again.

Distribution Channel Program (Area Stockiest)


Avail of 6 Director packages (₱30,000) and get promoted to a Mobile Distribution Channel (MDC) where you can get higher discounts from Indigen products and so you can earn more from being a stockiest in your area. As a stockiest, our affiliates may purchase products from you instead of purchasing direct from the company.