Blockport™ ID is your digital passport on the blockchain. This is our alternative digital identity system powered by blockchain that can not be altered or faked. Many of our app features make use of Blockport™ to secure our platform from fraudulent transactions. Powered by Indigen.

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The Need For Decentralized Identity System

The idea to develop Blockport™ ID was brought forth by the lack of an efficient and secured identity system in our country, and the cumbersome procedures in acquiring a Government ID. That is why a lot of individuals in the Philippines still lack a valid ID to help them avail of various services.


The usual victims of inefficient identity systems are the poor population as well as the indigenous people. Right now, we only have general statistics of our total population, and even our own government can not specifically determine the exact numbers of our indigenous people, and pinpoint exactly where they are all located, nor differentiate them all based on their tribal origins.  

Thus, Blockport™ ID was born.

Blockport™ does not only cater to the general adult population. We have no age restrictions for we believe everyone deserves to have a formal and valid means of identification. However, to respect everyone's privacy, we do not keep the identification documents that our users submit for identity verification. After we have verified the identity of an individual, we securely delete the document.

Identity System for the Indigenous

Blockport™ is the only identity system we are aware of that has an identification feature specific to indigenous people of the Philippines. When you register for a Blockport™ ID, you can choose your specific native origin or indigenous group. This way, if a third party wants to offer services specific to a particular tribe, they can verify the exact recipients using our mobile app.


If we are able to implement this on a nationwide scale, Blockport™ will be able to help determine the exact population of indigenous people in the Philippines, their exact locations and classify them based on their native groups.

This can help our government efficiently deliver proper services and assistance intended to every classification and location of our indigenous population.

Identity System on the Blockchain

Blockport™ has three Levels of Trust: Level 1 requires proof of identity. Level 2 requires proof of address. Then Level 3 involves writing your verified personal information on the blockchain as your permanent identity on public database. This means your wallet address will be tied to your Blockport™ ID as a verifiable proof that you own that address. If others would want to send you cryptocurrency to that address, they can easily verify the real owner of that address as an assurance that they are dealing with a legitimate entity.


This is very useful for donors, fundraisers and charity organizations for them to transact securely knowing that the wallet address they are sending their donations to can be verified using Blockport™ whether the intended recipient is the real owner of that address. This way, donors will be able to avoid sending crypto to impersonators and fake charity organizations. Plus, once they have verified the address, they can also track down where those donations go using the blockchain explorer.

Using Blockport™, donors and donees will be able to maintain security, privacy and transparency with regards to their fundraising campaigns.