CryptoCITY Ecofarm is an exclusive, self-sustaining community farming project under our CryptoREALM platform. We hope to develop a farm land and the profits that we generate from the produce will be shared among all REALM token holders and portion will be used to provide livelihood programs to the poorest of our indigenous people such as the Aetas of Northern Luzon and the Palaw-ons or the natives of Palawan. 


Our Dreams and Goals

Through our community funding platform CryptoREALM, we hope to raise enough capital from our loyal and trusted partner associates to enable us to purchase a few hectares of land and develop it into an income-generating ecofarm, without destroying its natural form, but instead use the existing habitat to plant fruit-bearing trees and vegetables, and to generate organic products.


As part of our advocacy to help the poor indigenous people, we hope to locate a land property that is near a native population so that we can ask for their help in developing the farm. In return we can provide them a livelihood that would allow them to sustain their daily requirements, send their children to school and hopefully provide for their financial needs.

Since our objective is not entirely to make profit for ourselves, but to provide assistance to the poor natives, we want to implement the most cost-effective method of farming which the natives have mastered since ancient times. So we would like to implore their skills and basic tools in farming, and at the same time educate them with some of the modern methods to maximize production, without the use of expensive tools and machineries which only cause destruction to nature. 

Image by 聖安 楊

Blockchain Powered Community

We call our future ecofarm CryptoCITY because we plan the entire community to be powered by blockchain. Therefore our immediate goal is to eliminate the use of cash within the community as one way of securing all processes and protect our community members from all sorts of risks brought upon by the use of fiat. All payments and delivery of goods will be recorded and tracked using blockchain technology.

The income we generate from the ecofarm will be distributed to all REALM token holders in form of PHPc therefore only CryptoPeso stablecoin will circulate within the entire ecosystem.


We will have our own cryptobanking system which will serve as our gateway between PHPc and PHP that goes in and out of the community. Through our internal cryptobank, members of the community will be able to convert PHPc to PHP if they will need to use cash in the outside world, and back to PHPc once they need to use it within the community.

Image by Micheile Henderson

Self Sustainability is the Key

CryptoCITY is going to be a green city. We will be completely dependent upon nature instead of bringing destruction to nature just to sustain the needs of the community.


So everything we will need for sustenance we will depend on what nature will provide, such as spring water, fruits and vegetables. We will grow our own food from natural sources and use solar powered lightings and equipments.

We will prohibit the use of toxic and non-biodegrable materials and other pollutants within the entire community. We will produce our own natural and hand made soap for bathing and washing, natural fertilizers for fruits and vegetable farming, herbs and spices for cooking, and more.

At CryptoCITY Ecofarm, we and nature will live as one, and live in a world that is uniquely our own.

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