Image by 聖安 楊

Self Sustainability is the Key

CryptoCITY is going to be a green city. We will be completely dependent upon nature instead of bringing destruction to nature just to sustain the needs of the community.


So everything we will need for sustenance we will depend on what nature will provide, such as spring water, fruits and vegetables. We will grow our own food from natural sources and use solar powered lightings and equipments.

We will prohibit the use of toxic and non-biodegrable materials and other pollutants within the entire community. We will produce our own natural and hand made soap for bathing and washing, natural fertilizers for fruits and vegetable farming, herbs and spices for cooking, and more.

At CryptoCITY Ecofarm, we and nature will live as one, and live in a world that is uniquely our own.

Image by Ales Me