CryptoMarket is a venue for CryptoPeso Affiliates with activated wallets to buy and sell popular crypto assets with each other in a safe and secured environment without the need to send your assets to us or to any third-party wallet, thereby protecting your assets from risk of loss.


CryptoMarket is NOT a Cryptocurrency Exchange

It only works like a simple trading platform where buyers and sellers transact directly with each other. If you are familiar with LocalBitcoins, then you already have an idea what CryptoMarket is.

Image by Jason Briscoe

CryptoMarket is Completely Safe

When you sell an asset, you are not required to send your asset to any other wallet, you still maintain control of your tokens for your complete security. When someone buys your asset, we ensure first that the payment has been secured before you send the asset to the Buyer.

If you are a Buyer, when you pay for an asset using CryptoPeso (PHPc), your funds will be secured first in our custodial wallet so that in case the Seller fails to deliver the asset to you, your PHPc will remain intact and will be refunded to you.

This makes CryptoMarket 100% safe for both Sellers and Buyers.

For now, only those with activated wallets can sell crypto assets at CryptoMarket. Also there is a Listing Fee of 17 Indigen coins (IDG) and a Market Matching Fee of 0.47% of the total selling price.


This is one way of preventing fraudulent sellers and buyers from using our platform, and another way for us to ensure only serious sellers will offer assets for sale on our platform.