CryptoREALM™ (Real Estate, Auto, Luxury Marketplace) is the first real estate, blockchain-powered, crowdfunding platform in the Philippines that empowers everyone, at all levels of financial capacity, to become a co-owner of real estate properties through a simple and transparent community funding program without huge capital requirements. 

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Platform Overview

The primary objective of the CryptoREALM™ platform is to become a powerful but simple to use application tool for buyers and sellers alike. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent a property, or even contribute in the acquisition of a property, we aim to provide a user friendly and secured platform for you. 

CryptoREALM™ is a special feature on CryptoPeso® Mobile for Android where you can buy, sell, book to rent, or contribute in a crowdfunding program. You may also manage your account and monitor progress and profitability within your personal mobile dashboard.





CryptoREALM™ Empowers Property Developers

Do you have a property that you want to sell through crowdfunding or raise funds through tokenization of your assets? Find out how CryptoREALM™ platform can make your dreams a reality through our very user friendly CryptoPeso® Mobile app to tokenize your asset so you can spend more time raising funds for your project. Contact us today!

The REALM Token

REALM is the native token of CryptoREALM™ on the Waves Platform which is part of the whole CryptoPeso® ecosystem. REALM is used in the issuance of tokenized assets from a selected community funding program whenever a member buys a property from the developer, or contributes in the acquisition of a selected property. REALM will also be used as basis in future distribution of profits.

To participate in any community funding program on our platform, one needs to purchase REALM tokens using CryptoPeso (PHPc) stablecoin. Developers can impose a minimum amount of REALM to participate as initial shared capital. The CryptoPeso app has a separate wallet to hold your REALM. You may transfer your tokens to other wallet address or you may sell them to others. But you must understand that losing your REALM tokens means also losing your part in the distribution of revenues. So please secure your REALM at all times.

Community Funding Program - Case Study

The following sample case study describes in its entirety how CryptoREALM™ platform was designed for property developers and ordinary individuals, no matter what the financial status they have in life, to have a chance to become a part owner of a prestigious real estate projects, for as low as 100 PHPc (or depending on the minimum imposed by sellers or developers), with option to contribute any amount at any time before the property is fully paid up. 

To start with, one purchases REALM token using CryptoPeso Mobile app at a fixed rate of 1 PHPc to 1 REALM (can be higher or lower depending on the seller or developer's computation of shared values). Developers can decide how much tokenized shares 1 REALM is equivalent to. The platform will not allow buying of REALM using fiat or cash directly for additional security. Future profits then are derived from whatever sources developers will offer, such as rental fees of the properties, or should the community decide to resell the properties at higher price, or from commissions from the property developers by referring other buyers, and other income sources developers may decide.

CryptoREALM™ Initial Project

As our immediate objective in the implementation of our sample use case above, we are planning to purchase a few hectares of land which we will develop into an ecofarm, and preferably where there are still poor indigenous people living in the area so that we can give them livelihood programs to help them with their daily needs. The ecofarm will be crowdfunded by our CryptoPeso community under our CryptoREALM platform who will be entitled to our revenue sharing in all the products we generate from the farm. All payments and delivery of the farm's produce will be powered by blockchain. No more cash, only CryptoPeso stablecoin will circulate in this future community.