HelpDrive™ Donation Central and Charity Platform empowers charity organizations and foundations to simplify their fund raising campaign through our very simple to use donation management system on CryptoPeso Mobile where any or all of our registered users may contribute any amount to their charity or cause.

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Helping Small Fundraisers Help Others

The primary goal of HelpDrive™ is to help small organizers of fundraising campaigns for charitable causes that are normally being left out and ignored by donors because of lack of confidence from these small groups or individuals. We completely understand this fact from experience.


Since 2017, Indigen has been doing reach out projects for the indigenous Ita and Igorot children by giving them school supplies and whatever help we can afford. Due to lack of funding, we rely entirely on sales of products and any help from our affiliates who trust and believe in our advocacy. But that was not enough, since the cost to travel and the lodging expenses are way too much for the amount of funding we were able to raise.

We tried the traditional method of fundraising campaign by soliciting from a few donors, but to no avail. No one would seem to trust a stranger when approached for assistance even how honest and noble the purpose is. Luckily, many of our affiliates donated small amounts for our causes. And then new problems ensue when the payment e-wallet we were using got suspended for no reason at all but because they simply wanted to suspend our account (and held our funds for themselves until we submit all sorts of documents) because they did not trust our transactions. This is the primary problem with 100% centralized payment services. You have no right to defend yourself because they claim to be legit just because of having a "license" which actually just a legal permit to freeze your funds.

Thus the idea of CryptoPeso eWallet was born. We wanted to develop a semi-decentralized payment system on the blockchain for small players that we want to protect from scammers but have the freedom to manage their own funds without any fear of getting suspended as long as their transactions are valid.

HelpDrive™ is Beyond Helping

Our goal is not just to help individuals and organizations, but also to develop our users to become catalysts for societal change through our advocacies in helping the poor Filipino families, most especially the poor indigenous people. By partnering your charity or foundation with us, we make our users fully informed and responsible for change. Change in how they understand what helping truly means, not by asking donations from them, but making them empowered that by helping themselves earn from our platform, they are also able to help others like you.

Ours is a unique concept because we don't believe in helping others by becoming dependent. We want every one to be a catalyst for positive change, both the donor and the donee. People helping people no matter what their capacity is. 

Through our platform, our users are able to earn for themselves, which empowers them to give to others as well.

The more they earn, the more they give.

Contact us now how we can be of help to your own advocacy.