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Indigen is the very first donation token and blockchain project designed specifically for the indigenous people. We hope to preserve indigenous cultures, languages and heritages using Distributed Ledger Technology. As a charity project, portion of the purchases of our token goes to various outreach programs geared towards the poor indigenous children.

Our concept is very simple: every time you buy our token, you give the poor indigenous children a chance for better education.


Indigen (IDG) is our utility token on the Waves Platform used to access our applications, pay for transaction fees and more, in the implementation of our use cases. IDG (Waves Smart Asset) has totally different use than IDGX  (ERC-20 Token) which is specifically intended to investors, while IDG will be widely used in all our applications. Paymoko™ is the official wallet of IDG and is used to pay for fees in its various features.


Indigen XT (IDGX) Extended Token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that will enable its holders special access and privileges to our various services, and an opportunity to earn shares in all our product sales. IDGX is listed on Cat.ex Exchange with ETH trading pair.

IDGX circulating supply is 40,000,000 only representing 40% of total shares. 

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Monitor real time supply of IDGX on Ethereum Block Explorer: 


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B.U.I.L.D. which is an acronym for Blockchain Unabridged Indigenous Language Database since we are using distributed ledger technology (DLT) as the repository of data due to the immutable nature of blockchain and the ability to time stamp information and to keep track of historical records.​

Native languages are slowly being forgotten by younger generations due to fast paced modernization. Once we start forgetting our native tongue, we will also start to forget our traditions, arts and history. Through BUILD, we hope to gain back the interest of the younger generation and help preserve their unique identity.

Read our Technical Whitepaper to find out more or watch a short video presentation of our mission and vision and what we hope to achieve.


With the help of our affiliates, we have managed to participate in a few trade shows and exhibits in the Philippines and Hong Kong, and we were able to sponsor a pageant with our dear Overseas Filipino Workers also in Hong Kong. We know for a fact that we can not achieve our goals on our own, that is why through these small events we participate in, we aim to tell the world about our projects and we hope to find major investors who can envision our objectives and promote our advocacy.

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The following wallets are the ones we highly recommend where to keep your IDGX tokens. Please always backup your passphrase so you can recover your tokens in case you forget your password or lose your phone. You need to have your wallets ready before you purchase IDGX. See below for instructions on how to add IDGX on your ETH wallet.


Ethereum Wallet

for Desktop 



for Web



for Browser

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for Mobile


Before you purchase IDGX, you need first to add the token to your ETH Wallet. The concept is basically the same for all types of wallet (desktop, mobile, etc.) only the actual procedures vary. All you have to do is look for the Add Token module then input the following required information:

Token Address:


Token Symbol: IDGX

Decimal Places: 18

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IDGX has been listed at Cat.ex Echange with ETH trading pair. To purchase our token, sign up first for your trading account at Cat.ex by clicking the logo below. Cat.ex belongs to the top 40 exchanges on CoinMarketCap with over $800M trading volume.

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