Paymoko™ Mobile for Android is a multi-token wallet on the Waves Platform and a blockchain-based payment utility enabling consumers and merchants to send and receive Philippine currency as well as global payments quickly and cost-effectively.

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Paymoko™ is more than just a payment app

Paymoko™ app lets you earn unlimited cash absolutely free by simply watching video ads, answering surveys, playing games and more. It has built-in productivity tools that allow you to be more efficient in managing your funds and your small business.

All our projects will run on Paymoko™ app which is powered by CryptoPeso stablecoin. All our proposed projects will be deployed on Paymoko™ which powers the entire ecosystem of CryptoPeso.

Paymoko™ gives its users an opportunity to earn extra income from our Affiliate Program wherein when you activate your Starter account for a small subscription fee of ₱100 only, not only it will unlock all advanced features in the app (personal and business productivity tools), you will also be entitled to earn when you invite other users and they too activate their Starter accounts. To know more about this business opportunity, visit the Community section.


Paymoko™ Mobile v4.11
Released: October 2021


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Image by Milad B. Fakurian
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