Paymoko™ Mobile for Android is a multi-token wallet on the Waves Platform and a blockchain-based payment utility enabling consumers and merchants to send and receive Philippine currency as well as global payments quickly and cost-effectively.

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Paymoko™ is more than just a payment app

Paymoko™ app lets you earn unlimited cash absolutely free by simply watching video ads, answering surveys, playing games and more. It has built-in productivity tools that allow you to be more efficient in managing your funds and your small business.

All our projects will run on Paymoko™ app which is powered by CryptoPeso stablecoin. All our proposed projects will be deployed on Paymoko™ which powers the entire ecosystem of CryptoPeso.


Paymoko™ Mobile v3.34
Released: 21 June 2021


This release contains minor updates and few bug fixes. Starter Activation now requires a Placement Matrix ID where your PayNode in the Starter UniMatrix will be placed under.

Image by Milad B. Fakurian
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