The applications for CryptoPeso® are unbounded. Here are some of the immediate use cases that we are working on. We are open for suggestions from our community members so feel free to get in touch with us for your creative ideas and innovative concepts.

The real world uses of tokenized assets are limitless. From enhanced security to decentralization of processes, almost every facet of the entire global industries have a specific application that crypto assets can be a viable solution for a particular problem, which was not previously possible. 

Although the scope of our stablecoin encompasses various use cases, here are a few of our priorities. 

CryptoPeso is a Concept in the Making

The goal of CryptoPeso is to just keep building solutions and ideas and to keep on innovating the let our community decide if our ideas are worth pursuing. We want to capture people's minds and make them realize that some concepts like these are even possible and doable.

CryptoPeso is not a typical business opportunity nor a product or service wanting to compete with other e-wallet services. CryptoPeso is a unique platform that allows its community members earn FREE cash daily from rewarded video ads and paid surveys (see Community page to find out how).

Efficient Online and Mobile Payments

Sending and receiving payments for goods and services online and on a global scale until now is still detained by many limitations of centralized payment services. Banks can charge back credit card transactions which can incur huge losses to merchants. Online payment processors, such as PayPal, can deactivate your account at will if you receive large amount of payments or if the buyer reports a transaction without first validating its truthfulness. Money transfer fees are just so expensive to pay or accept payments for goods from overseas. And most of the time, KYC processes are some of the major factors that hinder both sender and receiver from quickly settling a transaction. 

Using CryptoPeso, we can eliminate all these problems and hindrances by decentralizing and giving the freedom to the end users on how and where they want their money spent. At the same, we also provide them with security from fraudulent sellers and scam businesses by imposing strict rules on the side of the recipient using smart contracts that will prevent fraud from happening.

Pera Paabot DeFi Remittance System

We are working on a new method of sending and receiving money using an innovative concept that can change how you perceive money transfer in the Philippines, using blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform.


Businesses and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) from across the globe remit to the Philippines at a monthly gross amount of over 2 billion dollars. Although it seems so easy to analyze the tremendous potentials, but the opportunity that we want to seize and the problems we want to solve are for the unbanked recipients who are mostly in provinces where getting the money that was sent to them is too costly and difficult. Some of them live in remote places and some of them don't even have valid government IDs to claim the money sent to them. CryptoPeso is meant to break the barriers between costly and limited means of sending money to the Philippines and the recipients who are mostly bounded by the rules and the limitations imposed on them. Click on the logo to learn more.

Pera Paabot Reverse.png

CryptoREALM™ Crowdunding Platform

The primary objective of the CryptoREALM™ platform is to become a powerful but simple to use application tool for buyers and sellers alike. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent a property, or even contribute in the acquisition of a property, we aim to provide a user friendly and secured platform for you. 

CryptoREALM™ is a special feature on CryptoPeso® Mobile for Android where you can buy, sell, book to rent, or contribute in a crowdfunding program. You may also manage your account and monitor progress and profitability within your personal mobile dashboard.


If you have a property that you want to sell through crowdfunding or raise funds through tokenization of your assets, CryptoREALM™ platform can make your dreams a reality through our very user friendly CryptoPeso® Mobile app to tokenize your asset so you can spend more time raising funds for your project.

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CryptoCITY Ecofarm

CryptoCITY Ecofarm is an exclusive, self-sustaining community farming project under our CryptoREALM platform. We hope to develop a farm land and the profits that we generate from the produce will be shared among all REALM token holders and portion will be used to provide livelihood programs to the poorest of our indigenous people such as the Aetas of Northern Luzon and the Palaw-ons or the natives of Palawan. 


HelpDrive™ Donation Central

HelpDrive™ Donation Central and Charity Platform develops our users to become catalysts for societal change through our advocacies in helping the poor Filipino families, most especially the poor indigenous people.


HelpDrive™ empowers charity organizations and foundations to simplify their fund raising campaign through our very simple to use donation management system on CryptoPeso Mobile where any or all of our registered users may contribute any amount to their charity or cause.

Help Drive Logo.png

BlockPort™ Digital Identity System

One of the primary problems of the poor population of the Philippines is the lack of efficient identification system which hinders them from benefiting from various governmental services and private aid. Applying for government ID in the Philippines is too cumbersome and painstaking due to a lot of requirements being asked from them. Worst scenario is, when you are applying for a valid ID, they need first to ask you for another valid ID, which doesn't make sense at all.


Using blockchain technology, we hope to come up with a secured alternative to the traditional identification system so that those who have no access to such, especially among the poor indigenous population, can use our platform to properly identify themselves and protect themselves from identity theft using only our mobile app powered by Indigen tokens.

SecurVote™ Fraud-Free Election System 

Once we have completed the initial stage of our identity system, we will move on to developing a poll and voting system on our blockchain infrastructure that can't be altered, tampered with and controlled by any party. Only those users who have passed through our identification system may cast vote using our mobile app and our native Indigen token as fee.

PayWork™ Payroll and Workforce Management 

A unique platform where small companies can manage their work force through a simple to use Employee Management System allowing your organization to keep track of employee profiles, salaries and time logs. PayWork will also contain a built in Time in and Time out Logger, Payroll Computation System, and Payslip Generation - all in one platform and e-wallet.